International Women's Day Retail Initiative 2011

Nice lunch with the ladies today...Thanks Maxine and Michelle.

The Women’s Foundation is running a city-wide retail campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day which sees leading brands and outlets donating a portion of their proceeds in March to women's causes. We hope we can count on your positive support for this meaningful initiative!

Directed by Jean-Vital Joliat

What a great surprise when I opened my facebook messages
Have a look at CAN D - Chill out direct by JV!
Looking forward to work with my little 1/2bro back in Switzerland
(Would be nice to have your sister involve as well)

CAN D - CHILL OUT (© 1mdprod 2011)
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Morning mango

As promised here is a follow up on project S. First "esquisse" have been approved with Joel so we are now moving to the 3D model on computer.
We have been inspire by a slow animal using some of is figures into the jewelry.
As I write to you I'm discussing jewelry at breakfast next to the gong with my brother in law Peter Byworth about bracelet from Buccellati. Seems quiet an interesting piece made of silver and gold 18k with diamonds selling very well in the USA.
Oups! it's time for my daily yoga...