Born and educated in Switzerland, Marielle Byworth graduated from ECAL  ‘University of Art and Design Lausanne’. Focusing on the value of zen, she moved to Japan in 2005 to start her atelier which created the brand Marijoli. Marijoli jewelry was in most part gold or rhodium plated silver. The Elema collection quickly became the cornerstone of the signature style of Marijoli.

Since moving to HK, Marielle has focused on bespoke requests and private commissions. Aligning well with her theory that jewelry should be unique and personalized Marielle has now launch the higher end brand Marielle Byworth for Marijoli, this brand now focuses on capturing clients emotions and desires in unique pieces and also unique lines for concept stores across the world.

From cufflinks to bracelets, Marielle combines your deepest senses with a secrecy true to her Swiss roots. Your personal pieces will never be used for branding or marketing purposes without your consent. All pieces are produced in either her atelier in Hong-Kong or Switzerland. There are five phases involved in the creation of your perfect personalized piece, and normally takes three to four weeks from your first meeting to product delivery.

1. First contact / Email
5. Delivery

Marielle Byworth deals with several high net worth individuals and institutions 
that require Marielle Byworth  designs just for them or their shop.
* Private commission
* Limited Edition
* Marijoli current line - www.marijoli.com
* Private sale
* ONE OFF piece 
* Exhibition