Tokyo Kink Society

Welcome to Japan's largest non profit international
fetish, kink and BDSM organization!

Tokyo Kink Society is Japan's only non profit international group of open minded men and women who are interested in fetish, bondage, domination and S&M. They are modelled along similar groups that exist in North America and Europe.

Who are they? Well, they come from all walks of life, bankers, teachers, entrepreneurs...basically, they are the same people you meet in daily life each day.

They aim is to explore alternative, creative and adventurous expression through BDSM and fetish in order to develop the human spirit while expanding our borders of thinking, feeling and sensuality.

The group was started in 2001 by several open minded couples (Japanese and foreigner) living in Tokyo, and has grown from holding small home parties to now having full scale DJ nightclub fantasy BSDM/fetish events (though they still have the home parties as well!) on a regular calandar schedule.


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