Piecco for MAKRA N. 7

What do you think about this collection?

I believe in building positivity. This collection somehow directs me to a positive way, I guess it's the flow of those wonderful pieces...

What was your professional career and private life?

I am a leather goods designer. As for my private life, I spend lots of time doing yoga, seeing family and friends. I'm also a huge fan of US sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

What are the places that inspire you in Hong Kong?

I have to say the wet market. The odd part is I don't really cook but I believe the wet market truly touches our everyday lives and it's purely non-threatening, non-sexist, non-racist, non-classist!

Model : Piecco Pang
Occupation : Designer


Pendant yellow gold 9ct with rubies

FIRST CHAKRA: Base/Root Chakra
LOCATION: Behind the pubic bone
FUNCTION: Our grounding energy centre, keeping our feet firmly
on the ground and our mind focused on physical and creative matters
PHYSICALLY: It governs our reproductive organs and our sexual vitality
Symptoms of a blocked 1st Chakra might include problems in the hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs
ASSOCIATED COLOURS: red, brown and black

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