Most people don’t realize that every piece of jewellery even the most expensive ages and degenerates with time. Everyday activities can damage your jewellery. It doesn’t take a hard bump to damage the claw or setting and leave your diamond or gemstone exposed to chipping, breaking or falling out.
  • Your diamonds can come loose when the piece is dropped, gets knocked against your kitchen tiles or in between plates while washing up, or is bumped against any hard surface.
  • The claws may get pulled off the diamonds or gemstones after being caught on a piece of clothing or in between shopping bags.
  • You might be at the gym and accidently bump the exercise equipment or weights.
  • Gardening or physically intensive jobs and activities can loosen the stones in their settings.
This why I started to REJUVENATE jewellery starting with my friend who were so afraid to tell her husband that she lost a diamond on her ring after a night out in Cave des Rois in St Tropez...

...Or recycling all the left over jewellery from your ex-boyfriend into a new necklace. Here is an example that I made this week with a ring that had a missing diamond.

Emerald ring REJUVENATED into a fresh yellow gold look!

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