Diana for MAKRA N. 3

What Marijoli jewellery inspire you?

I love the Marijoli cuffs in silver. I like wearing them as a pair, one on each wrist. They look like something a mystical goddess would wear.

What do you do to reconnect within yourself (Zen moment) and where in Hong Kong you can find it?

I swim everyday to music. Being underwater to the music of Schubert is wonderful. I also ride horses in Clearwater Bay at an equestrian centre flanked by a country park on one side and the ocean on the other. It’s great reconnecting with nature. It doesn’t at all feel like you’re in HK and can forget all your stresses.

If you have to describe yourself and your professional background with two sentences what would that be?

I immerse myself in the worlds of art, fashion and creativity, meeting incredible and inspiring people around the world. Being a part of this makes me realize that there is so much beauty, so much to challenge, provoke, make you think and question. 

Model : Diana D'Arenberg
Occupation : Writer/editor and art consultant


Pendant yellow gold 9ct with aquamarines

LOCATION: Midway point between the skull and the lower neck cavity
FUNCTION: As the name suggests this chakra works on our throat encouraging communication and creativity
PHYSICALLY: Works on our thymus and thyroid glands. Symptons of a blocked 5th chakra might include Hyperthyroid, skin irritations, ear infections, sore throat, inflammations and back pain

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