Divia for MAKRA N.6

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Matreck and Maying bracelets – I love their organic shape and edgy design.

What do you do to reconnect within yourself (Zen moment) and where in Hong Kong you can find it?

It’s hard to relax in Hong Kong because there is always so much going – it’s the city that never sleeps! However visiting the flower market in Prince Edward always makes me happy because I can just forget everything and take in the beauty. I love the ocean too as it always calms me. But rather than spend my day on a crowded beach, I prefer to look at it from high above in the mountains such as Dragon’s Back etc. If all else fails, a good reflexology or spa session does the trick!

If you have to describe yourself and your professional
background with two sentences what would that be?

A free spirit who loves life, exploring the world and learning new things. With my work, I try delve into the minds of people who create and try to explain their message to the world.

Model : Divia Harilela           
Occupation : Fashion editor and consultant


Pendant yellow gold 9k with orange sapphires

LOCATION: About one inch below the navel and about one inch inward towards the diaphram
FUNCTON: Emotions, sexuality and desires. It controls our relationships and social interactions with others
PHYSICALLY: Works on our lower intestines and digestive system.
Symptoms of a blocked 2nd Chakra might be Kidney weakness, stiff lower back, constipation and muscle spasms

The word chakra is a Sanskrit for wheel

Chakra symbols represent the circular centers of energy, and they correspond to the nerve plexuses and organs in the physical nervous system.
By focusing on these energy centers, and understanding the function of each, we are able to balance our energies, augment areas in our lives, and even facilitate healing.

Chakra practitioners spend years learning about the healing arts relating to these intricate energy centers.

Many individuals have chakra symbols embellished on clothing or keep these images near them in order to keep the attributes in their mind as they aspire to better balance and higher energy.

The idea was to develop 7 pendants related to 7 chakras by using relevant gem stones for each chakra.

The design is an interpretation from the original chakra into Marijoli’s  jewellery.

The serial of this 7 pieces was not to intend to create a healer pendant but it’s just an inspiration that I believe have the spirit of it!

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